How do I know God exists?

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As a long standing agnostic, this has been a big question for me. I’ve wobbled back and forth for years on this. Not until I turned the ripe old age of 50 did it start to make sense. Basically the conclusion I’ve come to is: It takes e a much bigger leap of faith to believe there is not a God than to believer there is one. The items mentioned below are so perfect, I feel it is impossible for them to have just happened by coincidence.

Everyone probably has their own reasons why they think God (or any supreme power for that matter) exists. I’m going to list my four. I hope you’ll chime in with yours.

  1. The Elements. If you think about it, isn’t it amazing that you can mush one atom against another and get a whole new thing? This is not random. And it’s very hard to explain. It just works, and we take it for granted. Plus you can create or use energy by simply putting together to taking apart these little Lego pieces. And it’s univeral. Not just an earth thing.

  2. Gravity. Scientists can measure it and study it, but they can’t explain why it’s there. Without gravity, the whole Element / Universe thing just wouldn’t work. Someone had to work this puzzle out before any other creating was possible – random or otherwise. If gravity were just a little bit stronger or weaker than it is, the whole universe never could have expanded as it is. Think about that one too.

  3. DNA. Life is just too amazing and complicated to be a series of coincidences. Look at live birth, eggs, seeds. It’s amazing how it all works!

    What about Darwinism you ask? Yes, animals and plants evolve, but only so much. A wolf might mate with a fox and create a new type of dog. But the wolf can’t mate with a bird and create a flying wolf. An incredibly complicated DNA molecule controls that. And is the DNA chain just a random coincidence? I think not.

  4. The Bell Curve. For every tall person, there is a short person. For every genius, there’s an idiot. For every great man, there’s a despicable one. Normal distribution – as the mathematicians call it – has several long pretty equations I totally don’t understand. But no math can explain why practically everything in the Universe is not exactly alike. And why we all have special talents and flaws.

    The bell curve makes natural selection and adaptation work. If every living thing was just a clone or lived forever, a natural catastrophie could wipe out all life. This is part of God’s master plan.