How about an almost free
Coexist bumper sticker?

Coexist Sticker


People love free. I love free. But with over 10,000 people requesting Coexist stickers, I can’t continue to foot the bill.

I was hoping for more donations. But alas, everyone loves free.

So how about you donate $1.00 per sticker to cover my mailing and production costs. For your donation, you get a 6″ high-quality vinyl sticker that will look great on your bumper, water bottle, helmet, or forehead.

We will not send you junk mail or sell your name. Allow a few weeks for delivery. Make sure we have a valid mailing address.
The company showing on your card is Automated Record Keeping.
U.S. addresses only please.

We love hearing your comments and will repost many of them. So send us an email once you get your confirmation.