I’ve always loved the Coexist theme and wanted to help promote it. My first sticker covered a dent in the Ford Escape. Friends saw it and wanted one, so I ordered more and gave them away.

I started this web site in 2007 just for fun. Over the years, a few folks would send in a comment or request a sticker. It was easy to keep up with requests. We got a big bump when we showed up on stumbleupon.com years ago. But in June 2019, someone posted us on Reddit. Then it showed up on todayfreebie.com, then facebook, then justfreebies.com, etc, etc, etc.

This is super exciting but scary! In the last month, I’ve had over 5,000 sticker requests!! I want to fulfill them all. I’ve had to order more stickers, labels, envelopes, and hire neighbors to stuff envelopes. But the comments from you guys have been wonderful – Thank you! (of course, there are always the haters – but luckily they have been few and far between.)

So – keep promoting the message and share the link with your friends. And if you’re waiting for your free sticker, please be patient. It’s coming!!