I would say I'm a recovering Athiest

Who am I?


I come from a half Jewish, half Protestant family. We never talked about sex, religion, or politics. I was sent to Presbatarian Sunday School, but never really ‘got’ religion (like most young people I’m sure).

Like most folks, I’ve got zillions of questions about the normal stuff – why are we here, what is the meaing of life. Regular stuff.. I’ve read books and logged into web sites, , but it seems like lots of people there (at least in the religious arena) are out to just put down one another and try to convince others that their religion is ‘the one’. That just doesn’t seem like a good Christian (or Buddhist or Jewish or Islamic) way to treat others. I’ve felt a need for quite some time to share religious experiences with people.

So what’s my point in all this? I guess I’m looking for some other soul searchers that are looking for a middle ground between agnostic and hard core Christian.
I know you’re out there.