Golden Rules

Who am I?


Things I've learned over the last 65 years...

I.  Be a Giver, not a Taker.

This is different for everyone and hard to explain. But there are definitely giving people and those that are just gimme, gimme, gimme. You know the types. Every religion refers to this in one way or another, but so few people seem to grasp it.

All I know is it works! You can’t or shouldn’t expect to get anything in return for you giving, but it always seems to pay great dividends in the long run.


I don't think it matters how you do it, just do it. And respect how others do it.

III. Find your passion and live it. But don’t break rule # 1 trying.

If your passion is robbing people at gun point, we have a problem. But everyone has some skill they are better at than others (the Bell Curve thing). And if you talk to someone that has found their passion, they will will tell you work is not work – it’s fun! If you’re lucky, you might be able to make a living at it too!! It took me many years to discover what I wanted to be when I grew up. But I knew I wanted to run a small business. And eventually I was able to do that successfully. Software Development was something I sort of stumbled into, but it turns out I love it.

I also know I was meant to do this Coexist thing – but the whole picture isn’t very clear yet.

A great book on the subject is Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven Life”. Great reading. Second most book sales behind the Bible. He must be on to something.

IV. Enjoy the ride. But again, if you break rule 1, it doesn’t count.

Life was meant to be enjoyed. You can’t “Party like it’s 1999″ every day, that’s for sure. But hopefully you can find a sustainable balance between work, family, friends, and fun activities. Finding that perfect balance is really tricky though. Everything we do is not fun.

I’ve found that if you can master Cardinal Rule 1 and Rule 2, then Rule 3 sort of just happens. Sometimes.